Tuesday 8 April 2014


In India, according to a recent study,  two out of three workers are stressed at work.  This might surprise many given the tranquillity one finds in this beautiful country. 
A professor was invited by a bank to speak to its employees on time management. The professor arrived with a large glass jar and a few things in his bag. He picked up the empty jar and began to fill it with some large stones.   After he had filled the jar with large stones, he asked the employees if the jar was full. Several employees said ‘no’.
The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and started pouring them in the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the large stones. He asked again, if the jar was full. Some employees now said ‘yes’ while some hesitated to answer.
The professor then took out a sac of sand and poured sand into the jar. As he shook the jar, the sand found its way in between the pebbles and the large stones and filled in the available space. He asked again if the jar was full. Most of the employees said ‘yes’.  Then, the professor picked up a bottle of water and poured water into the jar. All were surprised to note that water was also able to find its place into the jar. All agreed that the jar was now 'full'.
The professor asked, what lesson do you get out of this? A young man replied, “No matter how full your agenda is, you can still accommodate several other tasks”. “No, that is not the point,” said the professor holding a large stone in his hand, “If I had not put the large stones first, I would not have been able to put them later as there would be no space left for them. The large stones are the important things in our life, and we should do them first.”
Most of the time in our life, we tend to do just the opposite. We spend our time and energy on the lesser important things, and the important ones such as family matters and health remain pending. The end result is anxiety, lack of contentment and stress. Let’s remember to take care of important things first. 

Monday 14 October 2013

Who is responsible? What is the root problem?


  • The number of EO is declining.
  • The Plan budget  is climbing every year.
  • We are sticking to our traditional pattern of Plan expenditure.
  • The distrust among ourselves is causing lot of duplicity and overlapping of formalities in our training programmes. Killing lot of productive time.
  • The RD is becoming more and more a POSTMAN; just passing the monkey vertically. A gradual decline is observed in rational thinking of RDs. Most of them are like a loudspeaker which can be tuned by any dick and hery, who provides him any undue advantage. There are many Regional Centers which are working extremely well {achieving targets is not only the case}, that is because of their competent Regional Directors only. The others must learn from them. Well said " there are no bad or good soldiers, its only bad or good leaders".
  • The in-charge post at HQ is becoming like sitting on a Hot seat, but is it really?? People are blaming the staff of HQ but is it the case? It is only leadership, see Dr Gosh; Drave; Hanwate. They all got what they deserve, its their fault not of HQ staff. Why there is no problem with other Directors. We should open our mind and respect the people at HQ, if needs to be blamed, then blame the Head who are Headless.
  • Heads are head, whether they are at HQ, IIWE, ZD,RD. How many heads thought about this new problem ? How many have raised their voices ? How many shared their thoughts / views ? 
  • The circular is talking about "educational audit team", who could have coined  this? as said distrust and distrust only. Lets have some e-governance mechanism for transparency.
  • The most common phrase used is "audit para" , if you follow it closely, this audit para only erupts, where the head is headless. Why the audit team in other centers doesn't raise this para. It depends what the head is having in his head, what is his vision, how much does he knew what is he doing. In nutshell what is his competency. 
  • We ourselves have divided and keeping ourselves in shells viz. CBWEOA, Staff union, 19th batch , HQ staff, SS Bhawan,  Caste/Zonal/Religion/Regional/Language groups etc. 
                TIME TO SMELL COFFEE, Lets' Come together stay together for CBWE                        

Tuesday 24 September 2013

AGM - Bold steps

  • The AGM was very amicably organised by Mr Tiwari and his team. Mr Dominy Mathew has established very high standard of dedication as GS and would be very difficult for the future GS to match them. Mr Prakash Mishra has proved that he has uplifted his bars and competencies, while suggesting the to be vision of CBWEOA. Mr S K Roy, being the President has shared very valuable and vital information, he showed his commitment for cadre officers and sublimed the rumours against the OA.
  • The highest appreciation goes to the participants who spend from their pocket to attend the meeting, showed their commitment and belongingness. That is the reason the AGM went from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs; even the participants were gossiping "we never sat continuously, attentively and took so much pain in our SGF prog.".
  • The election of OA has given the least time and more time was spent on discussions on vital issues. 
  • It is the very first time that AGM has passed resolutions (copies will be circulated soon by OA ).
  • Mr Bashir Ahmad (Sr. EO) has elected as Treasurer and rest of the office bearers were re-elected and shall continue till next AGM, probably during Apr 2014 at Delhi.
  • Mr Prakash Mishra has suggested the formation of 4 sub-committees and was unanimously agreed :-
    • Legal sub-committee ( for court cases and other)
    • Welfare sub committee
    • Grievance sub committee
    • Agenda & documentation sub committee
  • There was a suggestion that CBWEOA must have a website for transparency and notices, it was unanimously agreed and Mr Pankaj Sharma ( EO, Gorakhpur) was chosen as the in-charge of the same.
  • It was also decided that the subscription of Rs 250 per month shall be collected regularly and a check-off system may also be launched.
  • The facilities of the sub-committees should be limited only to the members of OA ( regular subscription ), soon the OA also going to write to head office and MOLE for limiting the outcome of "court case, pay-scale benefit" to their members only (regular subscription), the other remaining may be kept off.
  • The suggestion for CGHS facility was also welcomed and soon to be addressed.
  • The issue of MACP is also expected to be sorted out soon.
So, this AGM is not exactly what people were thinking, it was a AGM in true sense, first time the Bye-laws of CBWEOA was circulated along with other imp papers of information. The executive members and office bearers were asked to prove their work done and future expectations. 

Friday 28 June 2013

Group A Status in danger be alert otherwise big loss in 7th pay Commission pay scale.

We all E.O.Cadre Officers strongly Support the Legal Action taken by The Association for the restoration of Group A status of EO Care officers in all Matters. Becoz we got it after very long struggle of our association/Unity. If we loose our Group A status then in 7th pay Commission Our pay scale as Group B will be 30-40 Thousand less compare to Group A pay scale. we must understand this important thing. Pls support the Association Movement for Maintaining Group a status in all Benefits. we are very much thankful for the efforts made by our senior officers. 

Saturday 16 February 2013

CBWE Vision year T20

We all know "the most Static thing in world is Change".  And always there are hurdles need to be crossed.

As we all are hearing from some time, that Ministry is thinking on makeover of CBWE, better organization with fruitful results and a clearer approach.

We all must share our views and ideas, what CBWE should be in the year T20, how we can increase our Plan Head may be to 100-500 crores a year (imposible with our present system).

We are trying to accumulate all the ideas, suggestions and opinions from our stakeholders and take it forward to the concerns.

Kindly come up with concreate ideas.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Feel free to Share

In office environment, one generally don't feel free to express the views, now one can use this as a platform to share whatever he/she feels.

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